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Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

If you have questions, problems or just need help with AQTime, you can either contact our support team or try to search for the needed information using the help resources located on SmartBear’s Web site (troubleshooter, community, blogs, technical papers).

AQTime Troubleshooter

We recommend that you start resolving your problem by using AQTime Troubleshooter. It resides on SmartBear’s Web site:

Go through the troubleshooter pages and if the information they contain does not help, at the end, you will be able to send a message to our support team.

Licensing Questions

To get information on AQTime licenses and solutions to typical licensing problems, use the AQTime 8 Pro Licensing Guide that is shipped along with AQTime Pro.

If you need assistance with license activation, deactivation or maintenance, please contact your Sales Manager:

Phone: +1 (978) 236-7900

Submitting a Question to the Support Team

  1. Select Help > Contact Support Team from AQTime’s main menuHelp > AQTime > Contact Support Team from Visual Studio’s main menuHelp > AQTime > Contact Support Team from Borland Developer Studio’s main menu. This will invoke the Contact Support Team dialog.

  2. (Optional) In the dialog, select the Attach system information to my support request check box if you want AQTime to collect some system information and attach it to your request. To preview the collected system information and make a decision whether you want to send it to our support team, click the View the system information file contents link at the bottom of the dialog. This will invoke the System Information dialog, in which you can preview the information to be attached to the request.

    If you do not want to attach this information to your request, clear the check box. However, we recommend that you attach this information since it can help our support team solve your problem quicker.

  3. Click the Continue button in the Contact Support Team dialog. AQTime will load the web page with the Contact Support Form from the SmartBear Web site to your web browser:

    Fill in the required fields in this web form. Note that your contact information, the product name and version are specified automatically in the appropriate fields when you proceed to this web page from the Contact Support Team dialog. You only need to describe your problem in the appropriate fields.

  4. Click Submit in the Contact Support Form to submit the request.

The support team will answer you via email and all further communication will be made via email. However, to start the conversation, please use the Contact Support Team dialog in AQTime and the Contact Support Form on our web site.

When sending a bug report, please specify the profiler you use and attach the Event View log. This information will help the support team find a solution to your problem more efficiently. To create the log:
  • Switch on the Exceptions > Active option of the Event View panel (To set the option, right-click somewhere within the panel and select Options from the context menu).

  • Start profiling and perform the actions that generated the problem.

  • To save the log, choose Save All from the Event View context menu.

For information on our support policies, please visit our web site

More Support Resources

You can also ask questions, search for answers, exchange comments and suggestions on our community:

You can find answers to your question in the list of the frequently asked questions which is available at:

Learn more about using AQTime from technical papers and blogs published at:

Make sure you regularly visit the SmartBear Web site,, where you will find:

  • News
  • More recent support options including frequently asked questions on our products
  • Downloads, such as plug-ins and free tools, from SmartBear
  • Hot Stuff contributed by experienced users and the SmartBear team (hands-on solutions, code, plug-ins, etc.)

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