Troubleshooting Private Locations

Last modified on May 22, 2024

If your private node (Private Node Server or InSite) stops reporting to AlertSite, here are some things you can try to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Make sure your private node (virtual machine or hardware appliance) is up and running.

  • Make sure your firewall allows traffic from the private node to the hosts and ports listed in Network Connectivity. You can test the connection in the private node’s Control Panel:

    • Private Node Server 2.0.2 and later: View the Diagnostics > Connection Tests page.

    • Earlier versions: Go to Diagnostics > Diagnostic Tests and run a traceroute to the required hosts and ports.

  • Do not take VM snapshots as backups. All monitoring data is stored and backed up on AlertSite servers. Using snapshots with Private Node Server is not supported.

In AlertSite:
  • Make sure the monitor has the private node selected in its location list.

  • Make sure the location status is set to Active on the  > Settings > Private Locations screen in AlertSite UXM or on the Configure > InSite Locations screen in AlertSite 1.0.

    If not, change its status to Active.

In the private node Control Panel:
  • If the Control Panel main page is empty, re-register your private location.

  • On the main page, verify there are recent activities.

  • Make sure the time is correct and is updating. Private Node Server uses GMT/UTC time. If the time is incorrect, set the correct time in Configure Settings > Set System Time, and also configure the NTP servers to synchronize the time.

If you do not receive alerts:
  • Check the logs on your SMTP server.

  • If your SMTP logs do not provide enough information for you to determine the problem, send your private node logs to SmartBear Support:

    1. In the private node Control Panel, go to Diagnostics > Retrieve System Logs.

    2. Send the following logs one at a time:

      • IPD Logs
      • Notification Logs
      • Watch Logs
      • System Log
      • Mail Log

      To send a log, select the check box next to it and click Send Logs in the top right. Repeat for other log files.

If you are still having problems after following these tips, contact SmartBear Support. You may be asked to enable remote access to your private node.

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