Last modified on December 16, 2019

API monitors in AlertSite are powered by Ready! API, a testing tool for REST and SOAP APIs. Ready! API is the next generation of SoapUI by SmartBear.

Global Locations

All AlertSite global locations except for those listed below use Ready! API 1.9.

The following locations use Ready! API 1.1 for backward compatibility with API test projects created in earlier versions of Ready! API or SoapUI:

  • Brussels, Belgium
  • Dallas, Texas - XO
  • Los Angeles, California - Level3
  • Manchester, UK
  • New York, New York - Peer1

This list is subject to change.

A Ready! API version affects features and functionality available to API monitors, for example, the supported syntax for JSON assertions. Keep this in mind when selecting locations for your API monitors. You should generally select locations that have the same version of Ready! API.

Private Locations

Private Node Server locations use the following versions.

Private Node Server
Ready! API Version

Ready! API 1.1 and Ready! API 1.9.

You can choose the version to use on the Configure > SoapUI Version screen in the location’s Control Panel.

1.6 - 2.0.2 Ready! API 1.1
1.5.0 SoapUI 4.5

InSite appliances prior to v. 1.5 do not support SoapUI.

Viewing Ready! API Version

The version of Ready! API used by a specific location appears in the following places in AlertSite:

  • On the Test on Demand screen when you test an API monitor from a specific location.

    Viewing Ready! API version in the Test on Demand window

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  • In the run log that is part of API, monitor run results and test on demand results:

    = READY_API_HOME = /usr/local/soapui


    Ready! API 1.9.0-m-SNAPSHOT TestCaseRunner Summary
    Time Taken: 505ms
    Total TestSuites: 0
    Total TestCases: 1 (0 failed)

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