Last modified on January 19, 2018

To receive alerts from monitors, you first need to create recipients (or contacts) in AlertSite. Recipients define who will be notified and how – via email, SMS, phone call, or in some other way.

By default, a recipient gets alerts from all monitors. To customize which monitors should notify which recipients, configure recipient groups.

You can view, add and change recipients on the Alert Recipients (in AlertSite UXM) or Configure Notifiers (in AlertSite 1.0) screen. To access the screen:

AlertSite UXM

Select Alerts > Alert Recipients from the top right.

Alert Recipients

Click the image to enlarge it.

AlertSite 1.0

From the top menu, select Notifiers > Notifiers.

Note: Only Admin, Co-Admin and Power Users can create recipients.

The topics of this section describe how to work with alert recipients.

In This Section

Creating Alert Recipients

Editing Recipients

Recipient Groups

Scheduling Recipient Blackouts

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