Single Sign-On

Last modified on May 22, 2024

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a user authentication technology which enables a user to log in to multiple applications with a single account. An identity provider (IdP) is a host system that manages user credentials, so that various applications can rely on this identity provider to perform authentication and provide information about a user. It allows authenticating a user for all the applications they have been given rights to and eliminates further prompts when switching between applications during a particular session. That is, having entered a login and password once on the SSO server, the user will be automatically logged in to other applications.

AlertSite supports single sign-on and can be used with any external SSO provider that is compatible with SAML 2.0 and that supports standard SAML SSO redirect and post binding. Examples include Okta, PingOne, OneLogin, Azure AD and so on.

In This Section

User Accounts and SSO

  • There is no user role replication from SAML to AlertSite and vice versa.

  • The user role will remain the same after logging in to AlertSite via SSO.

  • If SSO is enabled, you log in to AlertSite by logging in to your SSO provider using your credentials from the SSO provider.

  • User accounts created and managed in AlertSite (in Manage Users) can be used for logging in only if the Allow login without Single Sign-On option is enabled in the AlertSite SSO settings. This is useful, for example, if you want to use AlertSite APIs.

  • You need to configure SSO for parent accounts and subaccounts separately, that is each account and subaccount owner should configure their SSO provider for AlertSite.

Logging In via SSO

There two ways to log in to AlertSite via SSO:

  1. Service Provider Initiated (SP-initiated) login – Navigate to the Service Provider (SP) Initiated login page. The page URL is specified in Application URL in the AlertSite single sign-on settings.

  2. Identity Provider Initiated (IdP-initiated) login – Log in to you SSO provider, then select the AlertSite application from the application directory in your SSO provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of SAML does AlertSite support?

AlertSite supports SAML 2.0.

What Identity Providers does AlertSite support?

AlertSite supports any SAML 2.0-compatible IdP, such as Okta, PingOne, Azure AD and others.

We accidentally misconfigured my SAML settings and are locked out from AlertSite. What can we do?

The account Admin can still log in to using their AlertSite login and password.

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