General Information

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

This section provides a brief overview of the product, system requirements and supported applications and services.

In This Section

Introducing TestLeft

Provides general information on TestLeft.

Copyright Notice

Copyright notice.

What's New in TestLeft 15.40

Describes the new features introduced in TestLeft version 15.40.

TestLeft Version History

Describes the changes made to the previous versions of TestLeft.

System Requirements

Lists TestLeft’s system requirements.

Difference Between .NET and Java Versions of TestLeft

Describes the differences between the .NET and Java versions of TestLeft.

Getting Help on TestLeft

Describes the components of TestLeft documentation.

Supported Applications and Technologies

Lists the applications, platforms and controls for which TestLeft provides extended support.

Checking for Updates

Describes how you can get product updates.

Technical Support and Resources

Provides information on the TestLeft support.

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