Getting Help on TestLeft

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

Viewing help from TestLeft UI Spy

To view TestLeft documentation:

Getting help on TestLeft program objects, methods, and properties

.NET Reference

The TestLeft installation wizard integrates topics on TestLeft interfaces, classes, methods and properties into the Microsoft Visual Studio help system. Thus, you can simply place the cursor on the desired interface, class, method or property within Visual Studio’s Code Editor and press F1.

Besides, TestLeft’s UI Spy shows information on the TestLeft interfaces available for your tested application and on the methods and properties those interfaces provide.

You also can find information on the interfaces, classes, methods, and properties provided by the SmartBear.TestLeft assembly on this web site:

Java Reference

The documentation on TestLeft Java interfaces, classes, and methods is shipped with TestLeft. You can find it in the installation folder:


As TestLeft supports multiple Java IDEs, the installation wizard does not integrate the Java reference into any particular IDE.

You can import the TestLeft Java reference to your IDE manually (if your IDE supports it), thus making it accessible from your IDE code editor. For instructions on this, refer to the documentation of your IDE:


You can also get information on using TestLeft from newsgroups, communities, and SmartBear’s Support Team. For more information on this, see Technical Support and Resources.

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