Technical Support and Resources

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

If you have questions, problems or just need help with TestLeft, contact our Support Team. To submit your question, please use the Contact Support Form at:

The support team will answer you via e-mail and all further communication will be made via e-mail. However, to start the conversation, please use the Contact Support Form.

For information on our support policies, please visit our support portal:

Licensing Questions

If you have problems with TestLeft licenses or need assistance, contact our Sales Team or Technical Support Team:

If you use the Web form, then when submitting your request, specify the Issue type > Licensing request type. This will help us process your request faster.

You can also try resolving the problem by using the Licensing Troubleshooter on our web site:

Licensing Troubleshooter

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