Integration With Atlassian Bamboo -- Requirements

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

To run TestComplete tests as part of your Bamboo build plan, the following requirements must be met:

Requirements for Bamboo Agents
  • You can run TestComplete tests both on local and remote Bamboo agents.

  • You can run TestComplete tests on agents running as a service or as an application.

  • An interactive user session must be opened on agents where tests will run. Otherwise, TestComplete tests will not be able to interact with User Interface and will fail.

    You can open interactive user sessions:

    • (If you have TestComplete 14.10 or later.) Automatically, by using the SessionCreator utility that is shipped with TestComplete and TestExecute.

    • Automatically, by using a third-party tool of your choice.

    • Manually, by logging in to the computer where your Bamboo agent is running.

  • TestComplete (or TestExecute) must be installed on your Bamboo agents where you will run tests.

  • TestComplete (or TestExecute) on your Bamboo agents must have active licenses for all modules you use in your tests.

  • TestComplete (TestExecute) on your Bamboo agent must have all required permissions to run tests.

  • TestComplete (TestExecute) on your Bamboo agent must have access to test projects to be run.

    You can store your test projects to a source control. Configure your build plan to get the needed files from the repository to the needed folder on the agent.

    – or –

    You can store your test projects to a shared network folder.

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