Changing Automated Test Speed

Applies to TestComplete 15.59, last modified on November 30, 2023
Information in this topic applies to desktop and web applications.

You can change the speed at which TestComplete simulates user actions in keyword tests, scripts and low-level procedures.

Changing Keyword Test and Script Speed

To change the speed of playing back user actions, use the following options in the Playback category of your TestComplete project's properties:

  • Delay between events

  • Key pressing delay

  • Mouse movement delay

  • Dragging delay

You can also insert commands used to wait for objects and hard-coded delays into your test to adjust for your tested application’s speed. For more information, see:

Changing Low-Level Procedure Speed

Low-level procedures include hard-coded recorded delays. To change these delays:

  1. Select one or several events in the Low-Level Procedure editor. You can use Ctrl- and Shift-clicks for multiple selection.

  2. Right-click the selection and choose Expand/Shrink Time for Selected Events from the context menu.

  3. Use the Expand/Shrink Time dialog to change the delays.

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