Find Mapped Objects for the Corresponding Objects on Screen

Applies to TestComplete 15.59, last modified on November 30, 2023

You can find objects stored in the Name Mapping repository by selecting the corresponding objects in your tested application:

  1. Make sure that your tested application is running and that it shows the needed object.

  2. Open the TestComplete project containing the Name Mapping repository that stores your application's objects.

  3. Open the Object Spy. To do this, click  Display Object Spy on the Tools toolbar.

  4. Use the Object Spy to select the needed object on screen or in the Mobile Screen window (for mobile applications).

  5. In the Object Spy, find the MappedName property and click the ellipsis button in the value cell:

    Locating a mapped object corresponding to the selected object

TestComplete will select the corresponding object in the Name Mapping repository.

If the value cell of the MappedName property does not contain the ellipsis button, it means that the selected object is not in the Name Mapping repository. To learn how to add it, see Adding Objects to the Name Mapping Repository.

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