TcxMemo Object

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

The TcxMemo component provides a multi-line text editor (memo).

The text displayed in the component is specified by the Lines property. Setting the Properties.WantReturns and Properties.WantTabs properties to True enables the memo to accept the Enter and Tab characters as part of the inputted text.

To limit the length of text that can be inputted into the memo, use the Properties.MaxLength property. To prevent the user from modifying the component’s text, set the Properties.ReadOnly property to True.

The Properties.ScrollBars property lets you add scrollbars to the memo component to make it possible to scroll the text.

The TcxMemo component raises a number of events that you can process in your scripts. For example, you can create an event handler for the OnChange event to perform specific actions when any changes are made to the component's text.

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