Cursor Property

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

Specifies the cursor image for the component.


Read-Write Property String
componentObj     One of the user forms components listed in the Applies To section  

Applies To

The property applies to the following components:

TBevel, TcxButton, TcxButtonEdit, TcxCalcEdit, TcxCheckBox, TcxComboBox, TcxCurrencyEdit, TcxDateEdit, TcxGroupBox, TcxLabel, TcxListBox, TcxMemo, TcxMRUEdit, TcxProgressBar, TcxRadioGroup, TcxSpinEdit, TcxTextEdit, TcxTimeEdit, TImage, TObjectPicker, TPanel, TRectObjectPicker, TShape


The Cursor property specifies the cursor image when the cursor is situated over the component.

Property Value

One of the following constants:

Constant Value Description
crDefault 0 The default cursor for the given component type.
crNone -1 No cursor.
crArrow -2
crCross -3
crIBeam -4
crSizeNESW -6
crSizeNS -7
crSizeNWSE -8
crSizeWE -9
crUpArrow -10
crHourGlass -11
crDrag -12
crNoDrop -13
crHSplit -14
crVSplit -15
crMultiDrag -16
crSQLWait -17
crNo -18
crAppStart -19
crHelp -20
crHandPoint -21
crSizeAll -22

At run time you specify the cursor type by assigning the appropriate integer value to the Cursor property. At design time you specify the property value by selecting the appropriate constant from the drop-down list in the Properties window.

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