OnDblClick Event

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

Occurs when a component is double-clicked.


OnDblClick(Sender) Parameters
Sender [in] Required Variant

Applies To

The event applies to the following components:

TcxButton, TcxButtonEdit, TcxCalcEdit, TcxCheckBox, TcxComboBox, TcxCurrencyEdit, TcxDateEdit, TcxGroupBox, TcxLabel, TcxListBox, TcxMemo, TcxMRUEdit, TcxRadioGroup, TcxSpinEdit, TcxTextEdit, TcxTimeEdit, TImage, TPanel


The OnDblClick event occurs when a component is double-clicked by the left mouse button. You can create an event handler for the OnClick event to perform specific actions upon a double-click over the component.


The event has the following parameter:


Contains a reference to the user form component that has raised the event. That is, the component that was double-clicked.


When a component is double-clicked, events occur in the following order:

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