Checkpoints Category

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

The Checkpoints category contains operations that let you perform checking and verifying actions in your keyword tests:

Operation Description
Compare Files Compares two files.
Compare Pictures Compares two images.
Compare Properties Verifies the value of the specified property.
Database Table Checkpoint Checks data in a database.
File Checkpoint Checks the contents of a file.
Mobile Checkpoint Checks whether an image is shown on the mobile screen.
OCR Checkpoint Checks whether an on-screen object’s text matches the specified string.
PDF Checkpoint Checks whether the text content of a PDF file matches the expected text content.
Property Checkpoint Checks the property value of an object.
Region Checkpoint Checks the image of an object or area in the application under test.
Table Checkpoint Checks data displayed in a tabular control.
Web Accessibility Checkpoint Checks a web page’s accessibility.
Web Audits Checkpoint Performs various audits against a web page.
Web Comparison Checkpoint Checks the contents of a web page.
Web Service Checkpoint Checks the result of a web service’s method call.
XML Checkpoint Checks the contents of an XML file.

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