Operation Reference

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 26, 2024

This section describes operations that you can use in keyword tests. All the operations are grouped into the following categories:

Category Description
AI Contains operations that allow performing intellectual testing and verification during the test run.
Checkpoints Contains operations that perform various verification actions during the test run.
Data Access Contains operations that let you access various data that you can use in your tests.
Excel Contains operations that let you read data from an Excel file or write data to it.
Logging Contains operations that post messages and images to the test log and control the log.
Miscellaneous Contains helper operations that let you delay the test execution, change the indicator’s text and so on.
Mobile Contains operations that assist you in creating tests for mobile applications.
Performance Contains operations that allow you to monitor the performance of your test by using time counters.
Statements Contains operations that are similar to scripting statements like for, while, if, try, catch, finally and so on.
Test Actions Contains operations that perform various test actions like launching tested applications, calling objects’ methods and properties, calling scripts and so on.
Web Contains operations that let you launch web browsers and open the start test pages in your web tests.
Frequently Used Contains operations that you frequently added to keyword tests on the current computer. This category is hidden if you have not added any operations yet.

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