Features Added to TestComplete 14.80

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to TestComplete 14.80. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

In version 14.80

Enhanced cloud-compatible mobile testing

The previous version of TestComplete introduced a new mobile testing approach that makes it possible to create and run mobile tests on devices controlled by cloud providers, like BitBar, or by a local Appium server. Version 14.8 improves this new approach significantly:

  • You can now create cloud-compatible mobile tests faster and easier by recording user actions.

  • You can easily connect to mobile devices from keyword tests by using the new Run Remote Device operation.

    You can also connect to mobile devices from the Mobile Screen window or when you start test recording by clicking Record Test on the TestComplete Start Page.

  • If you use BitBar-cloud devices, you can specify tested mobile applications when you are creating a new project. This makes it easier to deploy these apps to the device during test runs. See Adding Applications to the List of Tested Applications.

All these changes have made the previous mobile testing approach obsolete. You can still use it to run mobile tests on devices connected to the TestComplete computer (via ADB or iTunes). For new tests, we recommend using the new cloud-compatible approach. You can switch between approaches by using the Mobile support type property of your TestComplete project.

Smarter web testing

  • Better object recognition and object mapping in web applications (for instance, in Salesforce):

    • TestComplete uses more descriptive mapping objects for web page elements (date pickers, icons, buttons, and others).

    • Also, TestComplete now recognizes and maps combo box items by their contents.

    • When mapping radio buttons, TestComplete groups buttons that belong to the same radio group.

  • Support for proxies in cross-platform web tests. Now, if a TestComplete workstation is running behind a proxy, cross-platform web tests can access the target device cloud correctly. They will use the workstation’s system proxy settings. In previous TestComplete versions, cross-platform web tests can only access the device cloud directly.

    If it is your tested web application that resides behind a proxy or a firewall, see Access Web Applications Behind a Firewall.

  • Device Cloud add-on is no longer needed for cross-platform tests. We’ve migrated the cross-platform testing functionality from the Device Cloud add-on to the Web module. This makes the add-on unneeded, and we’ve removed it from the TestComplete bundle.

  • Easier parallel test runs. We no longer provide TestExecute Lite as a standalone utility. You can run your cross-platform web tests in parallel by using TestComplete and regular TestExecute. To orchestrate parallel runs, use the Parallel object in your tests or use the Execution Plan of your project.

    The TestComplete test adapter for Azure DevOps no longer allows orchestrating parallel runs. You can do it directly from your TestComplete projects.

New Salesforce Support plugin

The new Salesforce API script extension helps you work with Salesforce resources directly from TestComplete tests. The extension provides the Salesforce script object that enables you to perform common operations over Salesforce objects and to send SOQL queries.

The extension is not part of TestComplete. You can get it for free from its GitHub repository:


Overall improvements

  • More flexible BDD tests. The new Stop the entire Scenario Outline if any example fails project property helps you control the behavior of the Scenario Outline run when an error occurs in one of the examples.

  • Support for Electron 11. You can create, record, and run automated tests for Electron-based applications created with Electron version 11.0.0.

  • Support for recent versions of web browsers:

    • Google Chrome 89.
    • Mozilla Firefox 87.
  • Improvements in SAP GUI support. We’ve improved internal algorithms to make tests created for SAP GUI applications even more stable.

  • Support for user-defined parameters in SessionCreator. If you run your tests via the SessionCreator utility, you can now use its new command-line argument /arg to pass the custom parameters to TestComplete.

  • Better Execution Plan view. For easier configuration, we’ve put settings that are specific to parallel runs to a special panel in the Execution Plan editor:

    The Execution Plan editor

    Click the image to enlarge it.

    By default, this section is collapsed:

    The Execution Plan editor

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  • Our records say that a sample project that demonstrates how to create tests for Xamarin.Forms applications was rarely used. We have moved it from the product installation to the additional sample package that you can download from our website.

  • The TestComplete installer now suggests sending the installation log to the SmartBear Customer Care Team for issues that occur during the product installation.

  • We’ve also fixed a number of issues reported by our customers.

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