Access Web Applications Behind a Firewall

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

When you run a cross-platform web test in a device cloud, TestComplete connects to the device cloud and executes test instructions in the specified remote environments there. Those environments must have access to your tested web application or website. If your tested web application or website is not available publicly, that is, if it is in your local network or on your local computer, behind a firewall, you have to make it available to those remote environments.

If you use a device cloud provided by BitBar to run your cross-platform web tests, you can use a secure tunnel — an encrypted connection between your tested web application location and the device cloud. The SmartBear Device Cloud service will re-route traffic to your tested web application through your computer (from which the test is run).

To make your tested web application available from testing environments, configure your TestComplete project to open a secure tunnel:

The tunnel settings are project-wise. They affect all cross-platform web tests in your project. A secure tunnel you configure in one test, will be used in all other cross-platform web tests that belong to the same project.

  1. Select Tools > Current Project Properties from the TestComplete main menu and then navigate to the Device Cloud > Web page.

    – or –

    In a keyword test, when configuring the Run Remote Browser operation, click Select another location.

    – or –

    In a script test, open the Generate Run Code dialog and click Select another location.

  2. On the Web page or in the resulting Choose Your Web Application Location dialog, in The tested application is available drop-down list, select one of the following:

    • Everywhere - Your tested web application is available publicly from any location. No tunnel configuration is required.

    • In a local network - Your tested web application resides in your local network behind a firewall. Select this option to open a secure tunnel between your local network and SmartBear Device Cloud.

    • On a local computer - Your tested web application resides on your local computer. Select this option to open a secure tunnel between your local computer and SmartBear Device Cloud.

      • Tested application directory - Specifies the path to the folder on your local computer where your tested web pages are located. You can enter the path manually or you can click the ellipsis button and browse for the folder in the resulting Browse for Folder dialog.

    • Via proxy - Select this option to command TestComplete to route traffic to your tested web application through a remote proxy server. You may need this to simulate requests sent to your tested web application from a remote location.

      • Proxy server IP address and Proxy server port - Specify the public IP address and port of the remote proxy server you want to use.

      • Proxy server login and Proxy server password - Specify the username and password you use to access the proxy server you want to use.

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