Features Added to ReadyAPI 2.7

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.51, last modified on March 21, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to ReadyAPI version 2.7 relative to the previous version of the product – 2.6. For information on the changes made to other versions, see Version History.

In version 2.7


  • Built-in Zephyr integration. Create automated API tests for Zephyr tests and send test results to Zephyr for Jira projects directly from SoapUI:

    What's New in ReadyAPI 2.7: Zephyr integration

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  • New GraphQL Request test step for testing GraphQL APIs.

    What's New in ReadyAPI 2.7: The GraphQL Request test step

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  • New AMQP Support plugin to create automated tests for testing AMQP services.

  • New Smart Assertion engine to help you create assertions faster: ReadyAPI now checks REST and SOAP responses and forms an assertion based on the patterns it finds:

    What's New in ReadyAPI 2.7: The Smart assertion

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  • Get coverage testing results for OpenAPI/Swagger definitions to determine what portion of your API the tests covers.

  • Export test results in the Allure report format.

  • Use the extended HTTP methods (PROPFIND, LOCK, UNLOCK, COPY and PURGE) when exploring APIs in the Endpoint Explorer.

  • Use the new test.history.disabled property in Maven builds to control collection of run history data.


  • Take advantage of more stable distributed load tests. ReadyAPI now automatically re-establishes the connection to LoadUI Agents if the connection is lost.


  • Use the Swagger compliance assertion to check if an incoming request meets the OpenAPI/Swagger definition.

  • Use the new MockRunListener.beforeRoute and MockRunListener.afterRoute event handers to change the data of routed requests. See Handling Events.

Overall improvements

  • Create more powerful validations by using the improved Message content assertion. The assertion now supports new conditions: Contains, Not Contains, Exists, Not Exists and RegEx.

  • Support for OpenAPI specifications ver. 3.0.1 and 3.0.2.

  • A number of UX improvements:

    • The list of available Integrations has now sections for different integration types.

      What's New in ReadyAPI 2.7: Sections in the Integrations tab

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    • The Environments dialog now shows the authentication profile used in environments.

      What's New in ReadyAPI 2.7: Authorization profile in the Environment dialog

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    • You can navigate in the Add Assertion dialog using the keyboard.

    • The drop-down list of the available authentication profiles on the Auth tab now shows all the supported authentication types.

      What's New in ReadyAPI 2.7: The Authorization drop-down list in the Auth panel

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    • The Get Data dialog remembers the last selected property.

  • Secure tests have been moved to SoapUI. You can find them under the Security Tests node. This change affects only visual presentation of security tests, the functionality has not been changed.

    What's New in ReadyAPI 2.7: The Security Tests node

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  • ReadyAPI 2.7 includes newer versions of some libraries which version 2.6 used. If your scripts refer to classes from these libraries, you might need to update the scripts.

  • We have fixed a few bugs reported by our customers.

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