Zephyr Integration

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.7, last modified on April 08, 2021

Supported Zephyr editions

Zephyr is a test management solution you use to create and manage tests. It is available in the following editions:

ReadyAPI integrates with the following Zephyr editions:

Edition To learn how to configure
Zephyr for Jira Cloud  See this topic.
Zephyr Standalone See the Zephyr Standalone documentation.

Currently, ReadyAPI does not integrate with Zephyr for Jira Server and Data Center.

About Zephyr for Jira

Zephyr for Jira (or Zephyr for short) adds a test issue type to your Jira projects. You use tests to declare test steps and describe the expected results. You organize tests by releases, link them to other Jira issues (tasks, stories, bugs and so on), assign tests to QA engineers and store the results of test runs.

For each release, you use one or more test cycles to plan your testing process and monitor the test results:

Zephyr integration: A Zephyr test cycle

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To learn more about Zephyr, see its documentation.

How integration works

Zephyr contains information on how tests should be run and stores their results. QA engineers have to run tests manually and enter the results in Zephyr.

Using Zephyr integration in ReadyAPI, you can automate test runs and pass their results to Jira.

When you map your ReadyAPI project to Zephyr, you bind it to an individual test cycle and associate a functional test case with a Zephyr test. Thus, each time you run the test case, ReadyAPI will post its results to the test execution of the related test in the specified test cycle:

Zephyr integration: How integration works

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Note: ReadyAPI will not update Zephyr tests that are not included in the test cycle you set in your project options.


To start using the integration, make sure your Jira instance has the following apps installed:

Show how to install apps

Enable integration

1. Connect ReadyAPI to Jira

Zephyr integration: ReadyAPI preferences

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  1. Open ReadyAPI Preferences.

  2. Switch to the Zephyr Integration tab.

  3. Specify all the settings on the tab:

    Option Description
    JIRA Cloud URL The URL of your Jira instance.
    Zephyr Base URL The URL of the Zephyr for Jira Cloud API:
    Login The username or email address of the user on behalf of which ReadyAPI will post the results. This user must have the appropriate permissions.
    If you use an API token (for example, when you use two‑step verification), you must use the email address.
    API Token or Password The API token or password of the user account.
    If you use two-step verification you must use an API token.

    How to get an API token

    Access Key
    Secret Key
    The access and secret keys for your ZAPI installation.

    How to get Access and Secret keys

  4. To check whether your settings are correct, click Test Connection.

  5. Click OK.

2. Map a ReadyAPI project to Zephyr

To post the results of test case runs to Zephyr's test executions, you need to map your test cases to Zephyr tests. To do this:

  1. Open your project and click Map to Zephyr:

    Zephyr integration: Map project to Zephyr

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  2. Specify the following options in the subsequent dialog:

    Option Description
    Project Name The name of the Jira project.
    Version The release version of the Jira project with which you want to associate the ReadyAPI project.
    Cycle The test cycle with which you want to associate the ReadyAPI project.
  3. Associate test cases with Zephyr tests by using a drop-down list next to each test case.

    Tip: You can also associate a test case in the TestCase options dialog.

View ReadyAPI test results in Jira

Each time you run a test case, ReadyAPI posts the results of the test case run to the associated Zephyr test execution within the specified test cycle:

Zephyr integration: Cycle summary

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For each failed test execution, ReadyAPI posts a comment with detailed information on what went wrong.

ReadyAPI replaces the existing comments.

To see the comments, select the needed test execution and switch to the Detail view:

Zephyr integration: View test execution details

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