Allure Report

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

Allure is a reporting framework that represents brief reports in a clear form. This report template is available after you install ReadyAPI. It exports reports in the Allure results format. To transform them to an actual report, you need to use the Allure framework.

To create an Allure report:

  1. Make sure the Preferences > ReadyAPI > Allure Reports option is enabled:

    Reporting in ReadyAPI: Enabling the Allure reports

    Click the image to enlarge it.

  2. Run a project, test suite or test case.

  3. When the test run is over, click .

  4. In the Create Report dialog, select the Allure Report type.

    ReadyAPI: Configuring the Allure report

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  5. Specify the output folder manually in the Folder field, or click Browse and select the target folder.

  6. Click OK.

ReadyAPI will generate Allure results. You need to pass the generated files to the Allure framework to get an actual report. For example, the following command generates a report using the files stored in the specified folder and opens the report in the default browser:

allure serve C:\Tests\Reports\
Allure report

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