Bug Fixes in ReadyAPI 2.7

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to ReadyAPI 2.7.


  • ReadyAPI was not properly scaled on high DPI screens. (RIA‑10011)

  • When you imported a Swagger/OpenAPI specification, the quotation marks (”) in the specification were saved incorrectly, which corrupted the settings.xml file. (RIA‑9895)

  • When a project was created by using a Swagger/OpenAPI definition, no request payloads were generated. (RIA‑10063)

  • If you opened a project whose project file had been removed, the project was removed from the workspace. However, when you switched to another workspace, ReadyAPI tried to close the project, which caused an error. (RIA‑10060)

  • The WSDL definition was imported incorrectly if the JMS transport was used for its binding. (RIA‑10034)

  • The scrolling speed of the mouse wheel was different in some dialogs. (RIA‑9218)

  • When an environment was selected, the Endpoint request property was still editable, and it overwrote the endpoint of the environment. (RIA‑10671)


  • If a project was based on a Swagger/OpenAPI definition, the NullPointerException error occurred when the user generated a report for a test run with enabled coverage testing. (RIA‑7510)

  • The Swagger Compliance assertion did not validate the property type. (RIA‑7484, RIA‑10496)

  • The path to the Swagger/OpenAPI specification in the Swagger Compliance assertion was case-sensitive. (RIA‑10583)

  • It was impossible to specify the path to the OpenAPI 3.0 definition in the Swagger Compliance assertion by using the ${projectDir} property expansion. (RIA‑10502)

  • The comparison operation in the XQuery Match assertion did not work if true or false was set as the expected result. (RIA‑8444)

  • The Add Assertion dialog did not show when the soapui.browser.disabled system property was set to true. (RIA‑10389)

  • TestRunner could not run test suites specified by the -TTestSuite parameter. (RIA‑9994)

  • If you used the Tabbed View mode, you could not close the test step after adding an assertion. (RIA‑10447)

  • If you specified a non-existing environment for TestRunner, the latter did not throw an error and used the default environment for the test run. (RIA‑10194)

  • If you ran a test via TestRunner, it loaded the project twice. (RIA‑10781)

  • If you used TestRunner to run a project protected with a password, the password was exposed when you exported the test results to an HTML report. (RIA‑10731)

  • If you used Maven to run a test, and then saved the coverage report in the JUnit-Style HTML format, the report got corrupted. (RIA‑9884)

  • The View > API Navigator item in the main menu was still checked although the API panel was closed. (RIA‑10075)

  • ReadyAPI could not work with the Salesforce JDBC driver correctly. (RIA‑10053)

  • If you changed the type of the data source several times, ReadyAPI did not save the latest selection. It selected one of the previous data source types. (RIA‑9698)

  • The Import Properties button in the Excel data sink has been restored. (RIA‑10017)

  • If you created an HTTP request with an empty endpoint, and then specified the endpoint in the test step editor, SoapUI asked you to enter an endpoint. (RIA‑10047)

  • It was impossible to import headers from a file or from the clipboard if a header value contained a colon (“:”). (RIA‑10125)


  • It was impossible to create a report if the load test name contained the “&” symbol. (RIA‑10570)

  • The number of failures in the printable report and in the Test Step Metrics panel was different in some cases. (RIA‑9902)

  • The HTTP Header Exists assertion failed if a response did not contain the body. (RIA‑9752)


  • It was impossible to view the response data of a JDBC virtual service if the response contained many columns. (RIA‑10815)

  • To perform coverage testing and to use the Table, XSD and Doc views, you had to have a SoapUI Pro license. Now, a ServiceV Pro license allows you to do the same. (RIA‑10774)


  • The README.txt file contained “TODO” text. (RIA‑8046)

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