Features Added to Ready! API 1.6

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on May 15, 2024

This topic describes the changes made to Ready! API 1.6.

Ready! API Platform

  • License management is significantly improved:

    • A new license can be activated any time before your current license expires. No need to do this within 3 days before the expiration date as it was before. (API-3922)

    • You can use a new command-line License Manager to work with licenses in headless environments. (API-3926)

  • Support for Server Name Indication (SNI). (SOAP-4736)

  • The New Project dialog has been significantly improved. It now fully replaces previous New SOAP Project and New REST Project dialogs. (API-4325)

  • REST resources in the Navigator can now be reordered by dragging them to the needed position. (SOAP-1214)

  • Ready! API has a new option to order REST resources and requests in alphabetical order in the Navigator panel. (SOAP-4455)

  • You can now expand or collapse all nodes in the Navigator at once. To do this, select Expand all or Collapse all from the Navigator's context menu. (SOAP-4838)

  • When you add a duplicated resource, Ready! API will now add a number to it to make sure all resources have unique names. (SOAP-4128)

  • The Environments dialog now has a context menu. You can use it its items to add, edit, clone and remove environments, or to set the environment as active. (SOAP-4128)

  • JIRA integration has been improved. (SOAP-4610)

  • Ready! API performance when running large projects was improved. (API-3985)

  • A number of bugs have been fixed.


  • You can now assign one or multiple tags to test cases. You can use these tags to filter what test cases are visible, or to exclude test cases you do not need from the test run. (SOAP-4608, SOAP-4642)

  • You can filter the test case log to view only all test step results or only successful or failed steps. (API-4306)

  • The DataSource test step now supports importing a list of properties from a .csv or Excel file. (SOAP-2019)

  • Now you can evaluate formulas in an Excel file after the DataSink test step modifies it. This allows you to use updated values later in your tests. (SOAP-1017)

  • You can create new XML-RPC request by using the Operation > New Request menu item. See XML-RPC APIs. (SOAP-2629)

  • When the Message content assertion fails, Ready! API will now show which comparisons failed. (SOAP-4616)

  • A new Get Data command was added to the context menu of the Create File test step. Use it to create data transfers for the File name and File Content fields quickly. (SOAP-4814)

  • UI improvements:

    • The product panels now have walkthrough guides to help novice users get acquainted with the product faster. (SOAP-4636)

    • Empty panels now show text describing the panel purpose. (SOAP-4636)

  • A number of bugs have been fixed.


  • You can now create LoadUI agents in Docker to run distributed tests. (LOADUI-3978)

  • You can enable or disable individual scenarios on your distributed load agents. (LOADUI-2664)

  • You can now disable individual assertions. (LOADUI-3480)

  • You can now clone server monitors to load tests. (LOADUI-3905)

  • Load test reports have been improved and now provide a larger number of options. (LOADUI-3969, LOADUI-3717, LOADUI-3972, LOADUI-3973)

  • UI improvement: empty panels now show text describing the panel purpose. (LOADUI-2381)

  • The Time Taken, Max, Min and Avg metrics use the same scale for the vertical axis for easier comparison. (LOADUI-4057)

  • The Transaction Log displays information on sent requests and received responses. (LOADUI-3971)\ Also, now it supports filtering based on the Bytes and HTTP Status Code values. (LOADUI-3959)


  • You can now add multiple strings for the SQL Injection and XPath Injection scans at a time. You can also overwrite existing strings with new ones. (API-1526)

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