Bug Fixes in Ready! API 1.6

Applies to ReadyAPI 3.53, last modified on June 07, 2024

In version 1.6, the following bugs reported by our customers have been fixed:

Ready! API Platform

  • Ready! API hanged when it worked with large Excel files (.xlsx). (SOAP-4706)
  • The dialog for adding a new issue to JIRA did not have a scroll bar. (SOAP-4818)
  • The ready-api.bat file had a couple of syntax issues. (API-4313)
  • It was not possible to use Auth Manager with non-default environments. (SOAP-4425)


  • Changes to the SSL Keystore property of the REST Request test step had no effect until Ready! API restarted. Also, the property value was not updated if you changed an active environment for your tests. (SOAP-3540)
  • Switching from the Form view modified the SOAP request. (SOAP-4946, SOAP-1205)
  • Value of the SLA assertion reset to "200" when you clicked Cancel in its configuration dialog. (SOAP-4923)
  • When you cloned multiple test steps, the default project was the first project in the workspace. Now, the default project is the project that contains selected test steps. (SOAP-4888)
  • Test step failure persisted across the rest of the test case run report. (SOAP-4876)
  • In certain cases, the "SSLHandshake" failure occurred. (SOAP-4872)
  • You could not delete several data source properties at once. (SOAP-4850)
  • The Add dialog in the Form view did not show standard Chinese font. (SOAP-4848)
  • SSL certificates were not sent via proxy. (SOAP-2135)
  • Ready! API could hang when you opened large projects containing Groovy scripts. (SOAP-4680)
  • When you specified a data for a parameter with the "Get Data" feature, Ready! API suggested to store the parameter value to the property. Now it does not. (SOAP-2332)
  • It was difficult to use the GetData context menu item, when there were a lot of items to show. (SOAP-4823)
  • It was impossible to set duration for the JDBC Timeout assertion. (SOAP-4171)
  • Some script assertions that used JSONPath for the context.expand() method worked wrong. (SOAP-4719)
  • Changing an environment did not change the Connection String of the JDBC data source. (SOAP-4826)
  • The Connection property of a datasource did not change when you changed the active environment. (SOAP-4606)
  • Basic authorization for HTTP Requests created for default environment did not work when you changed the environment. (SOAP-4948)
  • When you moved DataSource's properties up and down, the test step editor did not scroll the list of properties when this was needed. (SOAP-4733)
  • When you were dragging a property of the DataSource test step, the test step editor could move another property. (SOAP-4741)
  • The DataSource read date values from Excel files in wrong format. (SOAP-3110)
  • The Transaction Log tab showed an incorrect "time taken" value for test cases with DataSource test steps. (API-4380)
  • You could not change size of the request and response views in the Transaction Log and Compare pages of the test case editor. (SOAP-4841)
  • The Assertion tab was opened automatically when you opened the request editor. (SOAP-4730)
  • In some cases, Ready! API could hang when you changed the order of failed assertions on the Assertions tab. (SOAP-2101)
  • Property expansion did not work for the file name in the Create File test step. (SOAP-4543)
  • The Target property value of the Property Transfer test step changed when you sorted test case properties. (SOAP-4305)
  • You might not be able to clone test suites in certain cases. (SOAP-4188)
  • Closing the Manual test step dialog did not stop the test run. (SOAP-4677)
  • You could not specify another action in the Validation Test Suite dialog. (SOAP-4676)
  • Failed test steps were not highlighted with red color in the test case editor. (SOAP-4770)
  • Property expansion did not work in the generated test case reports. (SOAP-4734)
  • The Schema Compliance assertion passed even if it could not find a WADL file. (SOAP-1901)
  • The "Refactor" features did not work properly for tests cases when a Swagger definition updated. (SOAP-4701)
  • The "Error notifying listener after step" occurred when you run the JDBC request test step with the Connection property set to "None". (SOAP-4505)
  • The -P, -p and -u command-line arguments of the TestRunner did not work properly. (SOAP-4644, SOAP-3704)
  • You could not use spaces in the project file name passed to the TestRunner for execution on Linux and macOS. (SOAP-4788)

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