Applies to ReadyAPI 3.52, last modified on April 18, 2024

In the Navigator panel, you can work with XML-RPC APIs to organize them for better accessibility and readability. XML-RPC APIs are organized in the following way:

XML-RPC API Structure

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Common tasks

You can reorganize your interfaces and requests. Operations are specified in a WSDL definition, so adding and removing them is impossible. Also, you cannot clone requests from one operation to another.

Renaming requests

To rename an item:

  1. Right-click the item in the Navigator.

  2. Select Rename.

  3. Specify a new name for the item.

Renaming items does not affect the API definition, it affects only item representation in ReadyAPI.

Renaming an item of a composite project will change the matching item's file name.

Renaming services

To rename a service:

  1. Select the service.

  2. Change the value of the Name property.

Deleting items

To delete an item, select it and press Shift+Delete. Then, confirm you no longer need it.

Changing the item order

You can drag most items to the position you need in the Navigator panel. The order of items does not affect your tests.

You cannot reorder operations.

Request specific tasks

Adding requests to functional tests

To add a request to a functional test:

  1. Right-click the request in the Navigator panel and select Add to Test Case
    – or –
    Open the request editor and click Add to Test Case on the toolbar.

  2. Select the test case to add the created test step to. You can also create a new test case or test suite and place the request there. Click OK.

Generating test suites

To create a test suite and test cases based on the service definition, do the following:

  1. Right-click the service and select Generate Test Suite.

  2. Use the Generate Test Suite dialog to configure how ReadyAPI should create test cases:

    Generate TestSuite dialog
    • Test Suite – Specifies the test suite to which the created test cases will be added.

    • Style – Specifies how ReadyAPI organizes the created test cases:

      • One test case for each operation – ReadyAPI creates XML-RPC Request test steps for each request in the selected operations and organizes them into several test cases.

      • Single test case with one request for each operation – ReadyAPI creates XML-RPC Request test steps for each request in the selected operations and organizes them into a single test case.

    • Request Content – Specifies which content ReadyAPI should use to generate requests:

      • Use existing requests in interface – ReadyAPI creates requests based on the content specified in the request editor.

      • Create new empty requests – ReadyAPI creates requests with the default request content.

    • Operations – Selects operations to generate test cases.

    • Create Load Test – Specifies whether ReadyAPI creates a load test for each created test case.

  3. Click OK.

ReadyAPI will create new test cases and name them based on the definition.

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