Error Count Chart

Last modified on June 10, 2021

The Error Count chart shows the number of errors occurred during the test run.

LoadNinja treats any of the following as an error:

  • Connection timeouts and other timeout errors.

  • Elements the LoadNinja event addresses are missing on the website’s pages.

  • LoadNinja validation failures.

Error Count chart

Click the image to enlarge it.

Working with the chart

  • To show only one graph, double-click the name of this graph in the chart legend.

  • To stop showing a graph, click the name of its graph in the chart legend once.

  • To zoom in a segment of a chart, select it with your mouse.

  • To restore the default scaling of a chart, double-click on its legend.

Chart actions

Click the image to enlarge it.

The diagram includes the following measurements:

  • Horizontal — The duration of the test run.

  • Vertical — The number of errors; the number of virtual users.


Graphs appearing by default:

  • The number of virtual users.

  • The number of errors for all iterations of scripts within the scenario.

  • The number of errors for all iterations of each script.

    If a scenario includes multiple scripts, and all virtual users fail on the first script, then LoadNinja will not gather any data on remaining script, so the graphs for them won’t be shown.

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