SmartBear Provider Counters

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

During load testing, you can use SmartBear Provider to monitor various performance metrics of your tested Windows-based web servers.

In order for LoadComplete to access the needed performance data on the target server, the server must have LoadComplete Remote Agent installed. See Installing Remote Agent.

Counter Description

CPU Time Percentage

The ratio of the time the processor spends executing non-idle threads to the overall elapsed time.

Committed Bytes in Use

The ratio of the physical memory in use to the physical memory limit (the limit is specified by the paging file size).

Memory Commit Total

The amount of physical memory (in megabytes) currently allocated by the operating system (to which the operating system has committed space of the disk paging files).

Disk Time Percentage

The ratio of the time all the disks are busy processing read and write requests to the overall elapsed time.

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