Recording - Specifics and Known Issues

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This topic describes the specifics and known issues of traffic recording in various browsers:


  • During recording, LoadComplete automatically configures your system to use a certain port to communicate with the network and record traffic. (LoadComplete will automatically restore your system network settings after the recording is over.)

    If you record your scenario in Firefox and the browser is not prepared for testing, LoadComplete will not be able to record any requests. It will display a warning informing you about the problem. Configure Firefox and click Continue to start recording.

  • If LoadComplete fails to record any traffic in Firefox, make sure the No proxy for box in the Firefox settings contains no data. See Configure Proxy Settings.

  • By default, Firefox uses its own certificate store to keep and validate certificate authorities (CAs). If your tested web server uses a private root certificate, Firefox may fail to validate it during the recording. To avoid possible problems, we recommend that you add your root certificate to your Windows certificate store and configure Firefox to use it as described in Preparing Web Browsers and Web Applications.

  • If you record HTTPS traffic in Firefox, you may get the This Connection is Untrusted warning message. This can happen because LoadComplete replaces the tested web site’s certificate with its own certificate, and Firefox may not be able to validate that certificate.

    To ignore the warning message and continue recording anyway:

    1. Click I Understand the Risks.

    2. Then, click Add Exception.

    3. In the Add Security Exception dialog, click Confirm Security Exception.

    Remember to remove the connection from the exception list when the testing is over.

    We recommend that you configure Firefox to use your Windows certificate store as described in Preparing Web Browsers and Web Applications to avoid possible issues with recording HTTPS traffic.

    As a workaround, you can also record the needed traffic in another web browser.

  • If you record a scenario in Firefox for a web server that uses HSTS mechanics, the server may decline your requests due to security reasons. You will get the This Connection is Untrusted warning message with no I Understand the Risks button.

    To avoid the issue:

    As an alternative, you can record the needed scenario in another web browser.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge does not support ActiveX (including Silverlight). You cannot record scenarios for web applications that use ActiveX in this web browser. As an alternative, you can record scenarios using any other web browser that supports ActiveX.

WebSocket Traffic

LoadComplete records WebSocket traffic only if the WebSocket connection, through which your client application and the tested web server send WebSocket messages, was opened after you started the recording. See Specifics of WebSocket Support.

Recording Large Responses

To keep the size of test projects within reasonable bounds, LoadComplete ver. 4.8 and later cuts off large requests and stores only the first 50 MB of each large request in the test project. The same rule applies to responses. Data selectors and data replacers that you may want to apply to responses and requests will not work beyond the 50 MB bound. Note, however, that if you send a large file to a server during scenario recording, the file will be sent.

Recording via Proxy

LoadComplete can record traffic if your computer is connected to the tested web server via a third-party proxy server. Before you start recording, configure LoadComplete to connect to the network via the needed proxy server. See Preparing LoadComplete.

LoadComplete supports transparent proxy authentication. If your proxy server requires authorization, LoadComplete will use the authentication information you specify in the Proxy Options dialog to connect to the server.

Recording on Older Operating Systems

Starting from version 3.2, LoadComplete no longer supports Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Starting from version 4.7, LoadComplete no longer supports Windows Vista. Starting from version 4.9, LoadComplete no longer supports Windows Server 2008. You cannot record scenarios and run load tests on these operating systems.

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