WebSocket Message Panel

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

About the Panel

The WebSocket Message panel shows the header contents of WebSocket messages. By default, the panel is at the top of the operation editor:

WebSocket Messages - WebSocket Message Panel

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LoadComplete uses this panel for the WebSocket Client Message and Server Message operations.

By default, header values are those values that LoadComplete captured during the recording. You can edit header fields according to your needs, for instance, you can parameterize header fields, if needed, by specifying variable values in them.

Information on Headers

For information on individual values, see the WebSocket Protocol Specification (RFC 6455):


Editing Header Fields

  1. Select the item corresponding to the needed field and then click its Value column, or press F2.

  2. Type a new value or click and select a variable storing the needed value in the resulting dialog.

  3. Press Enter to confirm the change, or press Esc to cancel it.

Note: You cannot edit some fields like Payload length or Masking-Key. They are calculated automatically during the test run.

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