Adding Custom Pages

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

Pages are essential elements for load testing. LoadComplete collects testing metrics by pages: page load time, pages simulated with errors, and so on.

When you record a scenario, LoadComplete automatically identifies individual web pages that you open and groups appropriate requests by those pages.

You can also add pages to group requests in your scenarios manually. You can do it during the scenario recording or at design time in the Scenario editor.

To add a page to a scenario in the Scenario editor:

  1. Open your scenario in the Scenario editor. To do this, double-click the scenario in the Project Explorer.

  2. If the Page view is disabled in the Scenario editor, enable it by clicking Show pages on the editor’s toolbar.

  3. Add the Page operation to the scenario.

  4. Drag the needed connections and requests to the page.

  5. Save the changes.

To learn how to add custom pages during the scenario recording, see Recording Custom Pages.

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