About Upgrading LoadComplete Licenses

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

A LoadComplete license controls both the number of concurrent product instances and the number of virtual users a load test can simulate. When you purchase an upgrade, you get either more product instances, or more virtual users, or both.

However, there is an important difference between purchasing new licenses and upgrading existing ones. This difference concerns the way you manage licenses and is especially crucial for upgrading Floating User licenses. This topic explains the difference and helps you choose the correct way to upgrade.

Upgrade or New License?

The difference between an upgrade and purchasing new licenses is that with an upgrade you get an updated license key that supports a greater number of product instances and virtual users. When you purchase an additional license, you get a new license key (so, you will have one more key in addition to your existing keys).

If you get an additional key, you will need to activate this license on another License Manager PC. In other words, you will have to use one more computer for license management because activating a LoadComplete license on a computer that already has an activated license is not allowed (see Using Multiple Licenses on One License Manager PC).

When you purchase an upgrade for your existing license key, there is no need to set up a new License Manager PC. This approach makes it easier to manage licenses.

As an alternative, you can purchase a new license and then merge it with an existing license.

What Licenses Can Be Upgraded?

For more information about this, see Possible Upgrades.

Purchasing and Activating Upgrades

The entire procedure is as follows:

  1. Contact the SmartBear Sales Team to order an upgrade.

  2. Deactivate your current license and get a new license key.

  3. Activate the new key on your License Manager PC. You do this in the same way you activate new licenses.

An upgrade of an existing license replaces your current license data with the upgraded data, that is, you cannot use both the existing and the upgraded licenses. You can use only the upgraded (new) license.

If you are using a Floating User license, you need to activate the new license only on the License Manager PC. There is no need to activate it on LoadComplete workstations.

Please contact the Sales Team if you have problems or need assistance with activating an upgrade.

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