Possible Upgrades

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

LoadComplete licenses control both the number of concurrent product instances and the number of virtual users you can simulate in a load test (see LoadComplete License Types). When you purchase an upgrade, you get an updated license key that supports a new number of allowed product instances or virtual users. You can upgrade the following:

  • The number of virtual users you can use in a load test.

  • The number of product instances (for Floating User licenses only).

    If you have a Node-Locked license and want to run more product instances, buy them as new licenses. Also, consider buying a Floating User license for easier license management.

In addition, you can upgrade --


  • You can upgrade both Perpetual and Subscription licenses.

    Upgrading a Subscription license does not change its expiration date. The Sales Team will calculate the appropriate price you have to pay for the upgrade. After the license expires, you can renew the license.

  • When upgrading the Floating User license, you get the appropriate number of virtual users. For example, you have the Floating User license for running three concurrent LoadComplete instances and 500 virtual users. If you upgrade it to five concurrent instances, you will also get two more “500 virtual user” collections. Each of the five concurrent LoadComplete instances will be able to run tests simulating up to 500 virtual users.

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