LoadComplete License Types

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This topic provides information on LoadComplete license types.

About Licenses

Each LoadComplete license controls the following:

  • The number of product instances that can run simultaneously.

  • The number of virtual users that can be simulated by a test.

Licensing LoadComplete

LoadComplete has two license types that control the number of concurrent LoadComplete instances:

  • Node-Locked. The Node-Locked license is bound to one computer. You can run only oneLoadComplete instance at a time on that computer.

    Node-Locked licenses cannot be used on virtual machines. If you need to run tests on these machines, use Floating User licenses. See Using LoadComplete on Virtual Machines for more information about this.

  • Floating User. The Floating User license lets you run several LoadComplete copies on multiple computers in the local network. The number of copies that can work concurrently is determined by the license key.

    When using the Floating User license, you enter the license key only on one computer (License Manager PC, see How Licensing Subsystem Works). There is no need to activate LoadComplete on other workstations.

Based on the expiration time we distinguish Perpetual and Subscription licenses:

  • Subscription means that the license is time-limited. It will expire in some time period (for instance, in 1 year) after the effective date specified in the contract. After the license expires, you can purchase a renewal.

  • Perpetual licenses do not expire.

Pro and Trial Licenses

  • The Pro (commercial) license is a fully functional license. This license supports any number of virtual users. The number of virtual users you can use in your tests is specified by your virtual user license (see below).

  • The Trial license supports all the features available in LoadComplete Pro, which allows you to evaluate the product before purchasing the commercial version:

    • The license is time-limited. It will expire in 30 days after the activation.

    • The number of available virtual users is 25.

    • The license is Node-Locked.

Licensing Virtual Users

Virtual users participating in load testing are controlled by the LoadComplete license. The LoadComplete license not just controls the number of concurrent product instances, it also controls the number of virtual users available for the test. For information on how LoadComplete tracks virtual users and uses them in tests, see Licensing Virtual Users.

Licensing LoadComplete Remote Agent

With LoadComplete, you can distribute load tests among several computers and simulate virtual users on them concurrently. To do this, you use the Remote Agent utility shipped along with LoadComplete. The utility is supported by both the Node-Locked and the Floating User licenses. The utility neither checks the license nor controls the number of virtual users. All of these tasks are performed by LoadComplete.

Checking License Types

You can check your license type in the About dialog of the product (in LoadComplete, select Help | About from the main menu) or on the LoadComplete page of the My SmartBear section of our web site.

If you have a Trial license, you can also check the number of days remaining before the license expires on the Start page of the product or in the product’s About dialog.

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