Features Added to LoadComplete 3.10

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This topic describes the changes made to LoadComplete 3.10. For information on the changes made to other versions of the product, see Version History.

New, Better Recording Mode

LoadComplete version 3.1 includes the new Proxy recording mode. In this mode, the product works as a proxy between your computer and the tested server. This makes recording user scenarios more stable and comprehensive. Using the new mode, you can record HTTP and HTTPS traffic in the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, as well as in Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 10 and 11 running under Windows 8. See About Scenario Recording.

Enhanced Test Log

In LoadComplete 3.1, the test log has been dramatically improved. The new Details log panel displays simulated requests as a tree-like structure grouped by virtual uses and scenarios. The new format lets you easily see what requests or resource caused an error.

The new test log highlights the differences between the recorded and simulated values in request headers and bodies, which makes the root cause analysis faster and easier.

For detailed information on the test log, see About Test Results.

More Improvements

  • Support for OAuth 2 authorization. LoadComplete now supports the OAuth authorization framework. You can record and play back traffic for web applications that access protected web resources on behalf of the resource’s owner. LoadComplete correlates the access token in requests and responses automatically.

  • Auto-correlation of cookie values. LoadComplete automates cookie correlation . During recording, it detects what cookie values are used in subsequent requests and creates data correlation rules automatically.

  • Auto-correlating JSESSIONID values in JSP/Servlet application tests. If the tested web application uses the JSESSIONID cookie to maintain session identifiers, LoadComplete gets the session ID returned by the server and inserts it into subsequent requests automatically.

  • Auto-correlation for 301/302 requests. LoadComplete now detects 301/302 redirects in recorded traffic and creates data correlation rules for the recorded requests automatically.

  • Now you can retarget requests in a scenario to a web server URL that you get from a previous server response or from an external source.

  • The Recording toolbar now shows the number of recorded requests.

  • The format of the LoadComplete installation package has changed. The -aq command-line argument is no longer supported.

    To learn how to install LoadComplete in silent mode, see Installing LoadComplete and LoadComplete Remote Agent in Silent Mode.

  • Also, we have fixed a number of bugs reported by our customers.

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