What's New in LoadComplete 4.97

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

SmartBear has recently released LoadNinja – a new cloud-based platform for performance and load testing of web applications. It enables you to record and run load tests against a great number of real browsers, without any dynamic correlation. This makes the simulated traffic highly realistic, which helps you get the most accurate representation of the load on your website.

Try LoadNinja now and check how it works for you.

LoadComplete 4.97 helps you track how your tested web server complies with the performance objectives and makes your load tests more stable by handling some unexpected events that can occur during the test run. Below is a list of changes relative to the previous product version — 4.96. For information on the changes made to earlier versions, see Version History.

  • Support for Oracle Forms. You can now create, modify and run load tests and check the performance of web-based and desktop Oracle Forms applications. See Support for Oracle Forms Applications.

  • A new menu item in the Data Replacers panel to create correlation rules quickly and easily from a data replacer you created earlier:

    The new 'Create Rule' menu item in the Data Replacers panel

    Click the image to enlarge it.

    LoadComplete will apply the new rule automatically when it correlates requests and responses.

  • A new format of variable names in the Expression column of the Data Selectors and Data Replacers panels to help you easily concatenate variable values and data in this column:


    In previous versions, you could specify only one variable, so you had to create an additional variable and to use the Set Variable Value operation to assign the needed value to it.

  • The ability to use regular expressions for cookie names to be removed or skipped. LoadComplete offers the new RegExpr cookie attribute for this. See Cookie Replacer Attributes for details.

  • LoadComplete can now read Standard counters on servers running under non-English versions of the Windows operating system (German, French, Spanish, and so on).

  • The Compare Multiple Results command now works for two or more result sets. In previous versions, you could use it to compare three or more test logs.

  • We have also fixed a few bugs reported by our customers.

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