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Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The Resource profiler includes a number of settings that affect the result display. You can find them on the ProfilerProfilerProfiler toolbar that is displayed at the top of the Report panel that is displayed at the top of the Report panel. If the toolbar is hidden, right-click somewhere in the toolbar area and select Profiler from the subsequent popup list.

Note: The items of the Profiler toolbar work with profiling results. When you click an item, AQTime refreshes data in its panels. For information on the profiler settings that work during profiling and specify what data the profiler collects, see Resource Profiler Options.

The Resource profiler adds the following items to the Profiler toolbar:

View project classes only Specifies whether profiling results are displayed only for the modules that are added to the Setup panel (enabled) or for all the modules used by the profiled application (disabled).

This filter applies both to Classes Data and Objects categories.

Filter objects by stack Filter objects by stack - Specifies whether to only display profiling results for objects created in the Setup modules (enabled), or for all modules used by the profiled application (disabled).

This filter only applies to the Objects category.

Show all resources If this option is on, profiling results include all resource types being profiled. Otherwise, the results include only the resource types whose instances had been created before the results were generated.
Filter standard leaks If your application includes code that uses MFC, VCL or other libraries, some of the allocated Windows resources can not be released due to errors in the imported library code. If the Filter standard leaks option is enabled, AQTime excludes known resource leaks that were produced by third-party software from the profiling results. A list of known leaks is available at
 Routine name with class name If it is enabled, the Routine Name column of the Details panels for the Resource profiler displays the name of the given routine along with the name of the class the routine belongs to. Otherwise, this column only displays the routine name.
File names with path If this option is enabled, the Source File and Module Name columns of the Report and Details panels for the Resource profiler hold the entire path to the given file. Otherwise, these columns hold the file name only.
The value of this option is ignored when you export test results via the ExportCurrentResults or Start method of the IntegrationManager object used to automate AQTime via COM. The exported results always show the fully-qualified paths to the source and module files.

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