Platform Compliance Profiler - Report Panel

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

When displaying results of the Platform Compliance profiler, the Report panel contains the following columns:

Columns (in alphabetical order) Description
API Name Function name according to the system API (Application Programming Interface).
Compliance Compliance of the call for the platform specified by the Platform column. This column can display the following values:
Supported The call is correctly supported.
Unsupported The function is absent from the DLL for this OS. When loading the DLL, the application will display an error message.
Obsolete The function is present and active, but obsolete. Using it is not recommended by the platform maker.
Special Requirements The call will be supported if some additional software is present on the machine, as listed in the Notes column. If the software is absent, the compliance status is Unsupported.
Non-functional Though MSDN reports this function as “unsupported”, it is present and will prevent an error message from being posted. However, calls to it will do nothing.
Special Usage The function is present and active, but it is not fully functional. E.g. it may ignore some parameters.
Unknown AQTime does not have any information about the function.
Imported By Name If this column is checked, the routine is imported by name. Otherwise, the routine is imported by ordinal.
Imported From Name of the system dynamic link library which exports the function. This name may or may not have the dll extension.
Module Name Name of the application module (.exe, .dll, etc.) which calls the function.
Notes Additional information about compliance conditions.
Platform Name of the platform (operating system).
Reference Hyperlink to the on-line function documentation. To open it, simply double-click on the cell.

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