Platform Compliance Profiler

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The Platform Compliance profiler helps determine whether the profiled application can work on a specific operating system. Topics of this section provide information about the profiler.

General Information

Platform Compliance Profiler - Overview

Describes how the Platform Compliance profiler works and how you can use it to check whether your application is compatible with a specific platform.

Platform Compliance Profiler Options

Describes the profiler’s options and how they affect the profiler’s functionality.

Platform Compliance Results

Platform Compliance Profiler Results - Overview

Describes compatibility information the profiler generates and how you can filter it.

Platform Compliance Profiler - Report Panel

Describes columns of the Report panel that displays profiler results and data they contain.

Related Topics of Interest

Check on Which Platforms Your Application Can Run

Describes how to check compatibility of your application with various platforms.

Platform Compliance Profiler Results - Database Structure

Describes the structure of Platform Compliance profiler results exported to a database.

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