Add New Failure Emulation Wizard - Failure Name and Type Page

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

On the first page of the Add New Failure Emulation wizard, you can select the desired failure to be emulated and specify a name for this emulation.

Below is a sample view of the page:

Add New Failure Emulation Wizard

The page contains two sections. The Category section on the left contains names of categories that provide you with access to different failure emulations. The Emulation Type section on the right contains different types of emulations according to the category selected in the list on the left.

The following categories and emulation types are available:





Note: Emulating memory failures is supported only for unmanaged applications.

After you have selected the desired emulation type in the Emulation Type list, you may also need to specify the custom name for this emulation. For this purpose, enter the name to the Name edit box. As an alternative, you can leave the default emulation name generated by AQTime. The specified name will be shown in the Name column of the Profiler Options dialog.

Click Next to proceed with specifying parameters for the selected failure emulation. Click Cancel to close the wizard.

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