Failure Emulator Profiler

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The Failure Emulator profiler lets you simulate various application failures to check whether your application handles those failures correctly. Topics in this section describe how to use the profiler.

General Information

Failure Emulator Profiler - Overview

Provides an overview of the profiler and types of failures it allows you to emulate.

Failure Emulator Profiler - Setting Up Emulated Failures

Gives step-by-step instructions on how to specify types of failures to be emulated during the profiling.

Failure Emulator Profiler Options

Describes the Failure Emulator profiler’s options and how they affect the profiler’s functionality and results.

Failure Emulation Reference

Provides information on categories and types of failures you can emulate with the profiler and describes the parameters you can use to customize each emulated failure.


Failure Emulator Profiler Tutorial

Walk through this tutorial to get started with the Failure Emulator profiler and learn how to use it to simulate application failures and analyze profiling results.

Failure Emulator Profiler Results

Failure Emulator Profiler Results - Overview

Describes profiler results and explains how to analyze them.

Failure Emulator Profiler - Report Panel

Describes the Report panel columns that display profiler results.

Failure Emulator Profiler - Details Panel

Describes the Details panel columns that display profiler results.

Related Topics of Interest

Failure Emulator Profiler Results - Database Structure

Describes the structure of Failure Emulator results exported to a database.

Emulate Application Failures

Describes how to check your application’s behavior in unexpected situations.

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