IaqCOMAccessAreaItem Object

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022


The IaqCOMAccessAreaItem object provides programming interface to routines, classes, files and other elements of profiling areas. These elements are called area items. You use IaqCOMAccessAreaItem objects to automate profiling areas via COM.

Inheritance Hierarchy

The object implements the following interfaces:




The IaqCOMAccessAreaItem interface contains the following properties:

Members(in alphabetical order) Description
DgbSymbol Property. Read-only. Returns an object that corresponds to the debug symbol (routine, class, unit, source file or other) to which the given area item corresponds. The returned object has one of the following types:  
Enabled Property. Read/write. Boolean. Specifies whether the element is selected in the area. This property is a programming analog to the check box of an area item in the Setup panel.


For an example of working with debug symbols and area items, see Managing Profiling Areas via COM.

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