IaqCOMAccessDbgPackage Object

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022


IaqCOMAccessDbgPackage objects provide access to debug symbols that correspond to packages. You use these objects to automate profiling areas via COM.

Properties of an IaqCOMAccessDbgPackage object provide information about the package to which the object corresponds and help you enumerate classes and routines that belong to the package.

Inheritance Hierarchy

The object implements the following interfaces:



Members(in alphabetical order) Description
Module Property. Read-only. Returns an IaqCOMAccessDbgModule object that provides debug information about the module to which the package belongs.
Members(in alphabetical order) Description
ItemCount(DbgType) Property. Read-only. Integer. Returns the number of classes, routines and other debug symbols that were defined in the package. The DbgType parameter specifies the type of desired debug symbols. To set this parameter, you can use either values of the TDebugType enumeration type or the appropriate integer value.
Item(DbgType, Index) Property. Read-only. Provides programming interface to a debug symbol by its type and index:
  • DbgType - Specifies the type of the desired symbol. To set this parameter, you can use either a value of the TDebugType enumeration type or the appropriate integer value.

  • Index - Specifies the index of the desired symbol in the debug info container that corresponds to the package. The index is zero-based. To obtain the total number of debug symbols of the desired type in the package, use the ItemCount property.

Members(in alphabetical order) Description
FullName Property. Read-only. String. Specifies the fully-qualified name of the package.
Name Property. Read-only. String. For packages, this property returns the same value as the FullName property returns.
Type Property. Read-only. Specifies the type of the debug symbol. For debug symbols that correspond to packages this property returns 7 (or dtPackage).


For information on working with debug symbols, see Managing Profiling Areas via COM.

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