Edit Area Dialog

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The Edit Area dialog assists you in editing the name, type and other parameters of the existing area. Depending on the currently selected profiler, the dialog may have one of the following captions: Edit Profiling Area, Edit Class-Level Area or Edit Stack Area. The caption indicates the type of the edited area. For more information on the available area types, see About Areas.

Calling the Dialog

The Edit Area dialog is called when you do the following:

  • Select an existing area in the Setup panel.
  • Right-click the name of the selected area and choose Edit Area from the subsequent context menu.
Note: Depending on the selected profiler, the mentioned context menu item is either called Edit Profiling Area, Edit Class-Level Area or Edit Stack Area.

Description of the Dialog

The dialog allows you to edit the name of the selected area, redefine whether it is including or excluding, and change its profiling level: routine or line (for profiling and stack areas). To create a line-level area, simply select the Collect info about lines check box. Otherwise, the area is treated as a routine-level one.

If the dialog is called for the Function Trace profiler, you can also use it to activate the Retrieve parameter values property. This property is used to enable the Function Trace profiler to log the actual parameter values of the routines included in the area. See Tracing Function Call Parameters and Result Values for details.

To close the dialog and save the changes you have made, click OK. To close the dialog without saving the changes, click Cancel.

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