Setting Up a Profiling Project

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The topics of this section explain how you create and configure AQTime projects: how you specify modules to be profiled, define the scope of code to profile, select a profiler and specify its parameters and profiling mode.

Creating and Saving AQTime Projects

Contains information on creating and opening AQTime projects.

Selecting Applications and Modules to Profile

Describes how to add the application and modules to be profiled to an AQTime project.

Specifying Path to Debug Info Files

Explains how to specify the path to debug info files that reside at specific location.

Specifying Path to Source Files

Contains information on configuring the Editor panel's settings to view source code.

About Profiling Modes

Contains information about AQTime’s profiling modes.

About Profiling Levels

Contains information about levels at which AQTime can analyze application code.

Specifying Parameters for the Profiled Application

Explains how to specify the parameters of the profiler run.

Selecting the Profiler

Describes how to choose a profiler.

Controlling What to Profile

Describes how to choose what code will be profiled and when.

Specifying Modules to Be Included Into the Call Stack

Describes how to control which modules are included into the call stack.

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