Adding AQTime Projects to Visual Studio Test Projects

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

When you integrate AQTime into Microsoft Visual Studio, a new AQTime Test type becomes available in Visual Studio test projects. You can add items of this type to your test projects created in Visual Studio and run AQTime projects as part of your Visual Studio tests.


You must have the following software installed on your computer:

  • One of the following Visual Studio versions:

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (Professional or Enterprise).

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - 2013 (Professional, Premium or Ultimate).

    • Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 (Team Suite or Test Edition).

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (Team Suite or Team Edition for Testers).

    Note: Running AQTime projects from Visual Studio test projects created in Visual Studio 2017 is not supported.
  • AQTime with the appropriate Microsoft Visual Studio Integration package.

1. Prepare Your AQTime Project for Running

In your AQTime project, specify the modules to be profiled, profiling areas, triggers and actions and so on. Make sure that your AQTime project functions as expected.

2. Add an AQTime Test Item to Your Visual Studio Test Project

  1. Open your Visual Studio test project in Visual Studio or create a new one.

  2. Right-click the project node in the Solution Explorer and then click Add > New Item or Add > New Test (Visual Studio 2010 and earlier). Visual Studio will open the Add New Item dialog:

    AQTime integration with Visual Studio: AQTime Test type in the Add New Test dialog
  3. In the dialog, select AQTime Test type.

    Specify the desired test name and the Visual Studio project where the test will be added.

    Click OK.

Visual Studio will create a new test of the AQTime Test type and add it to your test project:

AQTime integration with Visual Studio: Solution Explorer with the AQTime test item

3. Configure AQTime Test Item to Run the Needed AQTime Project

  1. Double-click the AQTime Test node in the Solution Explorer. Visual Studio will open it in the AQTime Test editor:

    AQTime integration with Visual Studio: Properties of the AQTime test
  2. (Optional step.) Specify test goals, details or other information regarding the test in the Test description edit box.

  3. In the Select profiler drop-down list box, choose the profiler that will be used for your tests. You can select one of the following profilers:

  4. In the AQTime project file edit box, click the ellipsis button and choose the AQTime project file (.aqt) you want to run.

  5. (Optional step.) If you want to use TestComplete to simulate user actions (mouse clicks, keystrokes and so on) on the application during the profiling, click the ellipsis button in the TestComplete project file box and choose the appropriate TestComplete project.

  6. Select File > Save All from Visual Studio main menu to save your changes.

4. Run AQTime Test Item

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