Recipient Object

Last modified on May 22, 2024

AlertSite API operations for managing alert recipients use the following data fields to represent the recipient configuration.

Field Type Description
attach_screen_capture Boolean The Attach screen capture to E-mail alert option. Default is false.
attach_server_response Boolean The Attach server response to E-mail alert option. Default is false.
availability_alert Boolean Whether availability alerts are sent to this recipient. Default is true.
blackout_ids Array of String

Read-only. IDs of blackout configurations attached to this recipient, or null if the recipient has no blackouts.

Note: To create or manage recipient blackouts, use the Blackouts Operations.
id Integer Read-only. Recipient ID.
method_description String Read-only. The description of the alerting method (method_id). For example, E-mail (HTML format).
method_id Integer

Required. Alerting method. Possible values:

  • 1 – E-mail (text format)

  • 2 – Alphanumeric (text) pager

  • 3 – Numeric pager (pause after dial method)

  • 4 – E-mail to wireless device (cell phone, pager, Blackberry, etc.)

  • 5 – Numeric pager (wait for quiet method)

  • 6 – SMS message

  • 8 – SNMP trap (snmpv1)

  • 9 – SNMP trap (snmpv2c)

  • 10 – POST request to web server

  • 11 – Telephone message (voip)

  • 12 – E-mail (HTML format)

  • 14 – PagerDuty

  • 15 – Splunk

  • 16 – POST JSON request to web server (also known as “JSON alerts”)

  • 17 – ServiceNow

Default is 12, that is E-mail (HTML format).

name String The displayed name of the recipient.
notifier_groups Array of String

Read-only. The IDs of recipient groups to which this recipient belongs, or null if the recipient is not in any groups.

To change the groups for a recipient, use the Recipient Groups Operations.

notify_on_clear Boolean Whether availability “clear” notifications are sent to this recipient. Default is false.
password String or null The password for the Splunk, ServiceNow or JSON alert recipient. An empty string or null means no password.
performance_alert Boolean Whether performance alerts are sent to this recipient. Default is false.
performance_alert_type String

The type of performance alerts sent to this recipient:

  • "10" - Warnings and errors

  • "20" - Errors only (default)

recipient String Required. The destination for alerts – email address, phone number, URL, or similar. This value must have the format required by AlertSite
remote_commands Boolean This property is deprecated and unused.
repeat_performance_alerts Boolean Whether the recipient will get repeated performance alerts. Default is false.
start_threshold Integer The number of consecutive errors before an availability alert is sent. Possible values: 1 to 25. Default is 1.
stop_threshold Integer The number of consecutive errors before availability alerts stop. Possible values: 1 to 25, 50, 75, 100, 125. Default is 1.
username String or null The username for ServiceNow, Splunk or JSON alert recipients. An empty string or null means the username is not used.

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