Creating TestLeft Tests

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

This section provides information on TestLeft and on how to use it to create and run automated tests.

In This Section

Connecting to Test Engine

Describes how to work with the test engine.

Running Applications From Tests

Describes how to run tested applications directly from your test code.

Object Identification

Explains the TestLeft test object model and how to address objects in tests.


Explains how to typecast test objects to the desired interface.

Mapping Test Objects

Explains how to create models that describe the hierarchy in a tested application and then use them to access tested objects.

Simulating User Actions

Describes how to simulate most common user actions in TestLeft tests.

Verifying Object Properties

Describes how to verify whether an object property meets the desired condition.

Methods and Properties Common for All Test Objects

Describes how to call methods and properties that are accessed through the IObject interface.

Calling "Native" Properties and Methods

Describes how to access internal objects, methods and properties of tested applications.

Working With TestLeft Test Logs

Describes how TestLeft collects test results, how you can post custom messages to the test log and how to save the test results.

Searching for Test Objects

Explains how you can find the needed objects in tested applications.

Related Topics of Interest

TestLeft Options

Describes TestLeft options, how they affect the test run and how you can configure them from the test code.

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