Simulating User Actions

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

In TestLeft tests, you can simulate clicks, double-clicks, dragging, selecting items, minimizing and maximizing windows, focusing controls and so on.

To simulate user actions, TestLeft includes special methods and properties. TestLeft test interfaces support different kinds of actions performed in various applications. For example, it has an interface that you can use to simulate selecting a tree view item or clicking on it.

In This Section

Simulating User Actions on Application Windows

Describes the methods you can use to activate, close, maximize and minimize a window, restore its position and perform other actions on windows.

Simulating Keystrokes

Describes how to simulate keystrokes on windows and controls.

Simulating Mouse and Mouse Wheel Actions

Describes how to simulate mouse actions and mouse wheel rotation.

Simulating Menu Actions

Describes the methods you can use to simulate user actions on menus and context menus.

Simulating Selection of Items and Nodes

Describes how to select items and nodes in tree views, lost boxes, lists and in other similar controls.

Related Topics of Interest

Capturing Images for Simulated User Actions

Explains how to make TestLeft capture images of tested windows and controls automatically during the test run.

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