Specifying Users Who May Connect to License Manager

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

This page is related to key-based licenses — a regular license type. For information on the new ID-based license type, see SmartBear ID-based Licenses.

If you have several TestLeft licenses, you may need to specify users that can connect to each of the License Managers.

To specify the users
  1. Go to the License Manager PC.

  2. Open the Sentinel Admin Control Center. To do this, open the http://localhost:1947 URL in a web browser (see Controlling License Manager for more information).

  3. In the Admin Control Center, click Configuration in the left-side menu. This will open the Configuration pages.

  4. Navigate to the Users tabbed page.

  5. In the User Restrictions text box, specify those users or computers that will be allowed to connect to the License Manager. You specify access permissions in the form of access rules. Each rule must be specified in a separate line.

    To add a rule for a computer or user to the User Restrictions box:

    • Click Show Recent Users. This will invoke the list of computers where TestLeft has been launched and whose license requests have reached the License Manager PC.

    • In the list, click allow or deny for the target address and user. This will form an access rule and add it to the User Restriction box.

    You can also enter access rules into the User Restriction box manually. This approach lets you specify access rules for those users and computers that are not on the Show Recent Users list.

    For information on the access rule format, see below.

  6. Click Submit to apply the changes.

Access Rule Format

To specify the access rules, use strings of the following format:


Username is the name of the desired user account. Hostname is either the name or IP address of the computer, on which the user is working. For instance, the following rule allows the user JohnSmith to connect to the License Manager when working on the JohnComp computer:


Hostname can be all. This means the computer name is ignored and the user is allowed to connect from any workstation. The same happens if you omit Hostname:


You may also skip Username or use all for it. This setting allows connection for any user working on the specified workstation:


The allow=all@all rule allows connection for any user working on any PC.

To deny connection for certain users, use the rules of the following format:


Below are some examples:

Denies access to the JohnSmith user working on the Tester computer

Denies access to the JohnSmith user working on any computer

Denies access to any user working on the BuilderComp computer

By using the allow and deny settings you can create the desired filters. For instance, the following settings will allow connecting to the license manager for all users except for Tester1 and Tester2:


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