About TestLeft Licenses

Applies to TestLeft 15.40, last modified on March 17, 2022

The way, in which you activate, use, and manage licenses depend on the license type.

TestLeft license types

TestLeft uses the following license types:

  • Key-based — To activate the product, you specify a license key or consume the license from the license manager running in the local network.

  • SmartBear ID-based — To activate and use the product, you specify your SmartBear account. If you don’t have this account, you will have to create one. To view and manage the account settings, use the SmartBear License Management Portal.

ID-based licenses for existing users

The following table helps understand the difference between ID-based and key-based licenses:

Feature ID-based Key-based
Activation procedure

The user specifies the email and password of their SmartBear account.

The user gets a license key from SmartBear and then uses this key to activate the license on their machine.

Binding to computer

The license is bound to a user, not to a computer.

Users can easily switch between the machines.

The license is bound to one workstation or server.

Activation on another machine means deactivation on the current one.

License subtypes

Key-based licenses can be Node-locked and Floating User. The ID-based ones use the names Fixed User and Floating. The licenses are treated in a bit different ways.

Using on multiple machines

Supported for both Fixed User and Floating licenses.

A very easy switch between machines: to use the product on another computer, one just needs to close it on the current machine.

An easy switch is possible for Floating User licenses only.

Node-locked licenses must be deactivated first.

Using on virtual and cloud machines

Supported for Floating licenses.

Requires a connection to the SmartBear License Servers (global Web).

Possible for Floating User licenses.

Requires installing the standalone License Server on a physical machine in the local network and a connection to this License Server.

Control of use

Fixed User: by the SmartBear License Servers.

Floating: by the SmartBear License Servers.

Node-Locked: by the licensing subsystem of your TestLeft instance.

Floating User: by the standalone License Server running in the local network.

Work in private networks

Currently, not supported.

ID-based licenses require a permanent connection to the SmartBear License Servers.

Supported. License activation may require a connection to the SmartBear License Servers.

Managing users
(for Floating licenses)

In the SmartBear Licensing Portal.

In the standalone License Server.

Change licensing scheme

If you started using the key-based licenses, you may want to switch to the ID-based ones and vice versa:

Switch to ID-based licensing
when using a key-based license:

Switching to the ID-based licensing

Click the image to enlarge it.

Switch to key-based licensing
when using an ID-based license:

Switching to the key-based licensing

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After you switch the licensing scheme, you will need to activate your license.

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